Eleven and the gang are back with season 3 and it’s going to be hard not to binge watching it. The things will be even more strangererererer (I know this word doesn’t exist but so does upside down or does it???) The season three just got released today and it’s already trending. Guys, its middle of the week, don’t you all have work? But to be honest I don’t really mind missing out on work for this show.

Eleven and crew have new demons to fight and the city of Hawkins needs its saviours to buckle up for this new challenge. Will is experiencing strange visions (as always), they are a sign that something eviler, more dangerous and scarier is out there to get everyone. With Max joining the crew in last season the storyline has become even more interesting and we will get to see more of the den mother Steve. The live’s are at stake and Hawkins needs its best heroes out there. If you haven’t seen the first 2 seasons then now you can watch all 3 of them together. See I just told you the best thing you all can do this weekend.

Stranger things season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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