Writer John Green’s super hit novel “The fault in our stars” was made into a motion picture back in 2014. The film was well received and starred Shailene Woodly and Ansel Elgort and was a career changing venture for both of them.


People are still not over Agustus’ death and can’t get enough of quoting the insane quotes from the film/book. No matter how much we cried with the two leads battling terminal cancer, we still love it.

The Indian remake of the film titled as “Kizie aur Manny” has just released its first look and we can’t hate it enough! It stars Sushant Singh Rajput and Sanjana Sanghi.

I will just leave it to you all. With Neha Kakkar ruining our favourite songs from 90’s and star plus rebooting Kasauti and Sanjeevni, “Kizie aur Manny” was just the thing we needed to go and sit at Jantar Mantar in order to protest.

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