There are only two facets of the celebrity life – immense praise and popularity or a serious backlash, nothing in between. And Ajaz Khan seems to be straddling the latter spectrum of late. The former Big Boss contestant has come under serious scrutiny for, apparently, what is deemed as spreading enmity between religions.

The police had received a series of complaints and also some inappropriate videos which were then going viral. The Mumbai Cyber Police then arrested the controversial actor for promoting communal hatred through objectionable videos. The police have stated that “It was found that Ajaz Khan has created/uploaded these videos with objectionable content mainly promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, etc. and create hatred among public at large.” Currently, Khan is at risk of getting 5 years in jail and/or Rs 5,00,000 fine.

But here’s some more tea. This is not the actor’s first time crossing the line. Earlier in 2016, he got arrested for sending lewd messages and vulgar pictures to a beautician. Then again in 2018, he had cuffs around his wrists for owning banned narcotic substance, drugs, and MDMA Ecstasy – popularly known as Molly, which is often quite a hit at rave parties.

Quite a bad record he has! And while some showed empathy with the actor, others were all out and about to criticise him to the bones. Check out some tweets here.

So, whats your take on the whole situation?

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