Yesterday’s loss against Australia is being cosidered as one of the worst loss in past few years. Australia won the match by 10 wickets and lead the series with 1-0.

It was indeed a dilemma for the Indian captain Virat Kohli to devise a batting order as KL Rahul had been doing good at the opening position. Now with Rohit’s return it would have been difficult to chose who was to open the innings. So, Kohli experimented with his own position. Now this experiment had turned out well in T-20 matches but wasn’t a wise decison in 50 over cricket’s context.

Kohli gave up his usual spot of playing at number 3 and came to play at number 4 instead, giving up that spot to Rahul. It turned out to be disasterous as it imbalanced the entire middle order as such. Shreyas Iyer, who has been playing fairly well also failed to stay on the crease for a longer duration.

Rishabh Pant also failed to do anything considerable and Shardul Thakur who has been showing a promising game also succumbed to the pressure and got out early.

A major reason for the failure of the batting line-up was the fact that Kohli who stands as a gule between the top and middle order changed his position and extra pressure was put up on the lower order.

Besides that India’s bowling attack was also quite poor yesterday and the bowlers were unable to take a single wicket.

Hence it would be better if Kohli comes back to his old playing position and Rahul plays at number 4 instead.

The second ODI between India and Australia will be held on 17th of January in Rajkot, Gujrat.

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