Rishabh Pant is indeed an extremely talented player who is going through a rough patch right now.

Pant has not been able to perform much in the past few months in international cricket he last good game he had was in August in West Indies where he scored 65 runs in 42 balls. It is true that he has been unable to deliver what was being expected of him but at the same time, many factors affect the current scenario.

Constant comparison with Dhoni

To be honest, it is quite stupid to compare Pant with Dhoni. It takes a lot of time to get at that level and the moment this guy entered the team everyone labelled him as next Dhoni. And he is under a lot of pressure due to this constant comparison.

He has his own style and it won’t be easy to just go on and do whatever the former skipper did.

Too much media attention

I cannot believe that there is so much talk around a guy who has two Test hundreds away from India and who can play impactful innings. T20 can sometimes get you into trouble because you have to play shots and the ball was there to be hit, only the execution was not probably to what he would have liked,” said former cricketer Ajit Agarkar.

There is some unnecessary pressure put on that guy who is very young in his international career and has the potential to win games for India,” he added. 

Former cricketer Ajit Agarkar also came up in his support saying that the media is giving him too much attention and he should come down in the batting order. India’s issue with the number-4 batsman has been persistent since ICC world cup-2019.

This does not mean that he should not be reprimanded for his poor performance but at the same time, we should cut him some slack.

(I saw the guy being cursed by the spectators in the stadium and it was not a very happy sight. )

The trolls have been way too harsh for him but high point the selection committee takes some appropriate decision that benefits his game. It has been suggested that he goes back to domestic cricket and works hard on himself and come back stronger.

Meanwhile, all we have to say is, give him a break, guys!

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