I have already written an open letter to bollywood about its shitty remakes and the injustice the remakes do to the orignal songs. And I cannot stress enough that how horrible and badly remixed are the remakes now a days. Every movie that is being released has at least one or two old songs remade into a new version.

They release it titled as ‘reloaded’, ‘2.0’, ‘phir ek baar’ etc. And it is nothing but a poorly made mash up which has Neha Kakkar in it. Dus Bhane karke le gaye dil was a chart buster song back in 2005 and people still remember the lyrics and can groove to the music. Now funny thing is that a few months ago Vishal and Shekhar, the music director duo, had given out a statement that they will not tolerate the shitty remakes being made out of their songs. But the remake which was relased today has been remixed by Vishal and Shekhar themselves. Hypocrisy ki bhi koi seema hoti hai (Please imagine this in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s voice)


The remake will be featured in Baaghi 3 (The trailer of the film needs another article written on it) and has Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff in the lead roles. The song totally lets you down and moreover the way it has been shot is also very wierd. The orignal song had Abhishek Bachchan along with Zaid Khan and it was pretty cool by 2005 standards. Guess what it is pretty cool even now.

There are hardly any close shots of Shraddha and Tiger and it finishes before it starts. Tiger’s dance moves leave you in awe but overall, the song will hurt the 90’s kid inside you. And also “WHAT IS THIS BEHAVIOUR VISHAL AND SHEKHAR?????”

Why don’t you guys watch it for yoursef? Why should I suffer alone?

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