Pink is so our colour isn’t it? Here comes a fourth format in the game of cricket and it is known as Pink Ball cricket. The name makes it pretty obvious that a pink coloured ball rather than the traditional red one will be used in these sort of matches.

What exactly is this new format?

It is nothing but test matches that will take place under floodlights. Now day/night format which means that most of the game will be played under the floodlights is already used in T-20 format and One-day internationals but this time test cricket will also be played under floodlights.

In short, the test matches which were earlier played during the day time will start in the afternoon and continue even after the twilight. The colour of the ball will be pink so as to facilitate better visibility under the floodlights along with the white jerseys of the player (basic science). There’s one issue with the pink ball that it gathers more dust which is being looked on by the manufacturers.

Reasons for this change

Test cricket had poor turnouts and this decision has been taken so as to make sure that people turn up for the matches. BCCI has already placed an order of 72 pink balls and the day/night test shall be played on 22nd of November in Eden Gardens in Kolkata vs Bangladesh.

So let us wait and watch!! India will play the first T-20 against Bangladesh on 3rd of November.

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