Weekly Horoscope | February 18 to February 24

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Know your weekly horoscope for the week of February 18 to February 24th, 2019.



LOVE: This weekend singles will meet promising candidates while paired ones will move to the next level of commitment.

CAREER: You will be busy with your chores this week. Power/Money people may give you some opportunity hidden in your work.

FAMILY: Your weekend seem to be very enjoyable but before that get your small tasks done quickly. 


LOVE: Romance does very well this week but some may vacillate.  

CAREER: Keep all your personal issues aside from the career circle and follow all the important communications.

FAMILY: Your fatigue level will be high this week but your stamina is strong.


LOVE: Let it be your call now if you feeling pushed, manipulated or played. 

CAREER: There will be a moment in this when good news is just about to come to you but then the flow stops!

FAMILY: Avoid jumping to conclusions as you are prone to do so without realizing it.


LOVE: Singles may find hot prospect this week while romance will steam up this week for couples. 

CAREER: Wrap up your work before time. You are also likely to get big ticket sales or profit this week.

FAMILY: Be supportive of members who are facing problems. Also, a highly enjoyable weekend is waiting for you.


LOVE: Singles may get an upgrade to their status this week. Long discussions could also pack the busy days in romance.

CAREER: Your projects may be dangling waiting on others to finish.

FAMILY: This weekend you will have an excellent day with relaxation and quality exchanges with family and friends.


LOVE: If you have any issue, discuss it with your mate. Emotional, Sexual or Behavioral issue are most likely to take place in the beginning of week.

CAREER: If you are looking for employment you will certainly get ample calls.  You may also get an upgrade or promotion this week.

FAMILY: Know your facts before opening your mouth or making decisions. Get your small tasks done to have a successful week.


LOVE: Your love takes a dramatic turn towards the emotional side this week. There could be rifts!

CAREER: You will have to multi task this week.

FAMILY: Weekend looks relaxing and relieving after a stressful week. 


LOVE: This week your love will be hot, steamy and lusty.  

CAREER: If you are at a position where you review or process, it is possible you may review someone’s dreams/plans.

FAMILY: Get small tasks done quickly.


LOVE: Both singles and paired will do very well with fast starts and serious upgrades.

CAREER: Projects which were on hold will fall into place now.

FAMILY: An excellent weekend is waiting for you as both days are highly enjoyable with family and friends.


LOVE: Sending out mixed signals is not what you do but when you are left dangling you sometimes do this. Be emotionally sound this week.

CAREER: Take a practical approach when facts, figures, and explanations carry great weight. 

FAMILY: Weekend will be full of relaxation and enjoyment for family functions.


LOVE: Romance takes a sharp edge as your week starts with long talks, effort, heart/soul and money.

CAREER: May your investments carefully as you may get some exciting news, results and rewards.

FAMILY: This week you will solving problems while weekend seem to be relaxing with family.  


LOVE: Romance may have more than one string as focus may get scattered. 

CAREER: Strong support may help you start a new project that you have long wanted.

FAMILY: There are family members, who jump into conclusions, be patient with them. The weekend seems to be insightful with relaxing and groovy vibes.

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