After losing the ODI series by 3-0, India is al set to play the two-match Test series against New Zealand. The team will be focusing on redeeming themselves after the disastrous loss in the one-day series.

This is what Indian skipper Virat Kohli said:

“We have prepared in a manner where our fitness levels and concentration levels are such that we can compete against anyone in the world,” Kohli said. “That’s the kind of confidence we will carry into this series.”

“Not saying this in a negative manner, but the crowd plays a massive role in England and Australia. You need to be in a zone where you need to be feisty and counter that from all angles,”

“In New Zealand it’s all about cricket discipline and what the team brings on the field. They’re very intense and very fit guys and they can keep going all day and test your patience.”

They’re very skilled bowlers and batsmen and brilliant fielders so they don’t give a lot to bank on or pounce on. You need to be wary of the changes that come your way and be focused enough to capitalize.”

“It takes a lot more concentration on the field in New Zealand rather than dealing with things off the field and that’s good for the players to be in that kind of zone.”

“We are not the same team that we used to be. We have a very complete squad now.”

“It can happen. Kane’s leadership was questioned and these things pop up pretty quickly. Having been in those situations myself I can tell you it’s not that alarming for any team.”

“Things can turn around pretty quickly. You saw in the ODI series we lost 3-0 and it didn’t look that way before we started. If you gain momentum at the right time you can play good cricket.”

“Playing at home they will have more control over what they do as a group so they will understand their plans much better.”

Virat Kohli, Captain, Indian men’s cricket team.

India will play the first test against New Zealand on the 21st of February.

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