Do you know the love story of Virat and Anushka? It’s one of the cutest pair the world has ever seen formed by the coalition of Bollywood and cricket. And we can’t deny, this couple looks super cute together. So how did it all begin in the first place? It was the commercial of a shampoo that brought them together & from there on it went on and rest we know is history. Reflecting back on it, Virat has confessed that he was damn nervous when he first met Anushka.

Virat often looks confident and is even aggressive at the field, but just like the normal guys, he gets sweaty palms too when a gorgeous girl is around. I don’t know if that makes him more adorable! Talking about Anushka at the commercial, she was told not to wear high heels as she would easily outdo him on being tall. Yep, Virat (5’8’’) is not much taller than Anushka (5’6’’). So she came out to meet Virat in very short heels. And guess what, she was still standing taller than him! And did you know how Virat reacted then? He’s shared about that whole incident, saying:

She walked in [donning very small heels] and she was looking taller than me and I was like ‘Didn’t you get a higher pair of heels?’

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Sun soaked and stoked ☀️💞 #throwback

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These two! It’s just too cute to handle. The couple will have their 2-years marriage anniversary in December 2019. Is it just me or does this couple looks like it’s has been married forever? I guess that’s the quality of any good couple!

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