Indian skipper Virat Kohli is known for his fitness. He has been one of the most consistent players the world has ever seen. With his strict fitness regime and healthy dietary habits, Kohli has set the bar way too high.

Kohli, who will turn 31 this year spoke on how he is all fit to play for 3 more years. With the ICC T20 world cup coming up Kohli’s focus will definitely be on the ICC trophy. India has twice failed to enter the world cup final now, once in 2015 and once last year in July when India lost against New Zealand in semi-finals.

India also had to face defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka in T20 world cup finals back in 2014 and losing the semi-finals match against West Indies back in 2016 T20 world cup was also a disappointment. So, with eyes on the trophy Kohli is trying to make sure that the team brings home the cup this year.

He said that the ICC test trophy matters the most for him. India is leading the points table for the test trophy. It has been noticed that there seems to be no break in between major bilateral series and tours for the Indian cricket team. The players have been hopping from one series to the other and this is definitely toll taking. Kohli had earlier spoken up regarding this and had said that the players require break periods and an ample amount of rest in order to play well.

The first test match against New Zealand will start on the 21st of February.

“My mindset is on the bigger picture as I prepare myself for a rigorous three years from now and after that, we might have a different conversation,”

“It’s not a conversation you can hide away from in any manner. It is around eight years now that I have been playing 300 days a year, which includes travelling and practice sessions. And intensity is right up there all the time. It does take a toll on you,”

“It’s not that the players are not thinking about it all the time. We do choose to take lot more breaks individually even though the schedule might not allow you to. Especially from guys, who play all the formats.”

“It’s not easy being captain, having that intensity in the practice sessions. It does take a toll on you. Periodic breaks seem to work pretty okay for me.

“I think World Test Championship as an ICC tournament should be right up there. All the other tournaments for me they start under that. This is probably the biggest of them all as every team wants to make it to the final at the Lord’s. We are no different.”

“At a time where the body can’t take anymore, maybe when I am 34 or 35, we will have a different conversation. For the next two to three years I have no issues at all,”

Virat Kohli, captain Indian men’s cricket team.

In the past few months, there has been a lot of discussion on the mental health of players too. How it is important for the players to take a break when they feel mentally tired. Playing for the country is a big deal and can exert a lot of pressure on the person and it is important to look at their mental wellbeing.

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