Vidya Balan is doing very great at the moment. First her movie Mangal Mission climbed great heights and still doing it and then she has bagged a role in the biopic of Indira Gandhi! But there’s one thing in her life she has not sorted it out yet. And that is how to work together with her husband Siddharth Roy Kapur in a movie. She hasn’t found a way to do that and has made peace with the fact that she will never do a film with Kapur who is a noted film producer, President of Film and Television Producers Guild of India, and also the Managing Director of The Walt Disney Company India.

Vidya explained:

Because it’s too much. I could have a problem with my director and producer and argue it out. Actually, I don’t fight, I argue and I reason. But I can’t do that with Siddharth. When it’s so personal, I think because I can fight with Siddharth, I’ll end up fighting with him.

She added:

I want to retain the sanctity of our relationship. There have been times when we’ve both passed on a script, even when we liked it. I can’t negotiate money with him. Imagine if he says you should be getting this much, and I say I should be getting ten times more. I’ll say are you under-valuing me? I don’t want to get into that space at all.

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She further said:

In this profession, you can lose objectivity because we work so closely. I don’t want that happen, this is too precious to me.

Well, that makes sense. Why play in rough waters! Vidya is married to Siddharth since 2012 and the couple is one of the most powerful pairs in Bollywood.

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