If there is one word synonymous with Bollywood, it’s nepotism. Those who are not celebs’ kids or related to them in any way have a very hard time making a place in the Indian movie industry. And Vidya, on the top of that, was never a conventional, typical actress to begin with. When actresses were working hard to get that size zero figure, Vidya made other choices. Balan has always been more of an actress who is known for her acting. She was never an item girl or someone you would put in films just to raise the glam factor.

No wonder Vidya had to go to some uphill battles to make it big in Bollywood which at times just cash on song and dance movies. She told Mumbai Mirror that:

Coming from a non- filmi family I had no idea how to go about becoming an actress, yet I wanted to be one. It worried my family, though they have always supported me. It must have come as a relief to them when my first TV show, La Bella, shut down after a few months. They must have thought, ‘Chalo, abhi to bhoot utar jayega.

But the cream does rise to the top. Vidya after some struggle did start getting nice roles and now has made a legacy out of them – Kahaani, The Dirty Picture, to name a few. Talking about her struggle, she said:

It was three years of constant rejections from down South and there were days when I would go to sleep in tears. But the next morning, I was up and smiling, hopeful that something good would happen, and Parineeta did.

Vidya has come a long way since then and now is counted among A-lister of Bollywood. And this Independence Day, her highly-anticipated movie Mission Mangal is going to be released and most of us are looking forward to it.

From a struggling industry outsider to a big movie star – now that’s quite some journey!

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