Priyanka Chopra is in clear now. The UN is keeping her as one of their human representatives.

The UNESCO ambassador earlier came under fire after she was called out by a Pakistani woman, Ayesha, for being a hypocrite. Priyanka, apparently, hailed Indian army right after it sent airstrikes on Pakistan. She tweeted, “Jai Hind”.

There was some bubbling distress already in Pak over her tweet but after Ayesha’s episode, Imran Khan government was confident enough to write an official letter to UN asking for Chopra’s removal as one of their reps. Since then till now, many actors from Bollywood have come forward in support of the Quantico actress, including Kangana Ranaut and Ayushmann Khurrana.

And finally, the UN has come out with the verdict and it has turned down the country’s request, saying that ambassadors are allowed to speak in their personal capacities.

A UN spokesperson, Stephane Dujarric, has stated that:

When UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors speak in their personal capacity, they retain the right to speak about issues that interest or concern them.

Their personal views or actions do not necessarily reflect those of UNICEF.

[Their main role] is to generously volunteer their time and their public profile to promote children’s rights.

And Priyanka has been doing that for years now. A peek into humanitarianism…

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This is Hasina (15), she is a 7th grade student who loves to go to school. She used to live with her sister and her husband, and without her knowing, her sisters’ husband was arranging her marriage to one of his friends…she was 12 at the time. One day when the man visited her house to pester her parents to marry her, she escaped to a friends house and the next day went to one of the community-based child’s marriage prevention platforms (alone), which she had heard about at school. She asked herself, if She married now, would she ever go back to school again? Hasina loves learning and wasn’t willing to trade her education or freedom for anything.That gave her the courage to stand up for herself. The community, along with the authorities, stepped in and stopped the marriage. The man was charged. It’s important to understand that it takes an immense amount of courage to go against these cultural “norms” that have existed for centuries. Hasina is a very brave girl. It was so heartening to see the elders in the community learning from the examples these young girls are setting, standing up against child marriage and female genital mutilation/cutting. Education gave these girls that perspective. This community is an example of how change is possible. FEMALE RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS. To make a difference and learn more about @Unicef’s efforts, visit UNICEF. Link in bio.

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There was a hashtag trending on Twitter, #PriyankaChopraIsOverParty after Ayesha resurrected that tweet. And now? It is as dead as a doornail and things are as right as rain for PeeCee. So ladies and gentleman, I guess we’d yet another episode of all that ado about nothing…for nothing. #PriyankaStays

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