Bollywood is all about love! We just cannot deny this, can we? But cheers to movies like Bareilly ki Barfi, which successfully entertain us without getting too much to bear.

2 years ago this movie came out and no one had anticipated that this small town madness would actually impress the audience this much. It narrates the story of happy go lucky Bitti who falls for the author of an estranged book “Bareilly ki Barfi”. Ayushmann Khurrana who wrote the book in reality hides behind a man called Pritam Vidrohi played by Rajkumar Rao.

The chaos unleashed due to the case of mistaken identity wound up with the master class of Pankaj Tripathi who plays Bitti’s father along with the rowdy and funny Bitti’s mother, make the movie an absolute treat for the eyes.

The music is also quite good, composed by Tanishk Bagchi, Arko Mukherjee and Samira Koppikar. Rajkumar Rao won the Filmfare award for the best supporting actor and director Ashwin Iyer Tiwari won the Filmfare for the best director. The film got a lot of nominations including the best Film.

It was the first time Sanon got an opportunity to showcase her acting talent and the ever perfect Pankaj Tripathi was as always phenomenal. Ayushmann Khurrana who has done the coat of the middle-class lovesick boy many times before resonated perfectly with his character and Rajkumar Rao did his job quite well. Seema Bhargav was a very convincing mother and definitely deserves appreciation for this film. If you have not watched this lighthearted rom-com till now then please do it ASAP.

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