The Internet can be anything – a place where great minds meet expressing their views or it could be, well, the toilet of the world. And the latter is what Karan Johar recently encountered on a social media platform. While it’s no news that celebs are trolled left and right, but when it gets to hurting somebody for their orientation, it’s really crossing the line. And KJo made sure that this person would be made well aware of that.

Lately, a person on Twitter mocked Johar for being gay. Here’s what he said in a now-deleted tweet, “Karan Johar k life pe ek movie banani chahiye. KARAN JOHAR: the gay.”

Karan didn’t let it slide, and rightfully so. As a master of wordplay, he replied the netizen in his own KJo-istic way.

That, of course, shut up the person and also brought lots of praises for the Kaal producer from Twitterati. After all, making fun of somebody’s orientation is so 1680s.

All we have to say is, well done Karan Johar!

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