Last week the season 3 of Netflix original Stranger things started streaming and people just couldn’t have enough of how good the show was. The series has been a wholesome experience since it’s advent and the latest edition surely maintained the levels. Along with the exciting and scary adventures the show portrayed some magical moments which had the perfect blend of melodrama, humour and wholesomeness. Here are 5 such moments that made it to the top of our list (SPOILER ALERT):

  • Steve and Dustin’s friendship: Season 2 saw Steve Harrington’s den mother side and season 3 saw more of it. Especially his coordination with Dustin. Post- Dustin’s return from the science camp Dustin had to face some ignorance at the hands of his old gang and during this time Steve was the one who took him seriously. Together they uncover an evil Russian plot and end up having a serious but still funny adventure along with Lucas’ younger sister Erica and Steve’s co-worker Robin. The moment Dustin meets Steve at the ice cream parlour after being away at the camp for weeks and both of them sharing their signature handshake surely makes you chuckle.
  • You can’t spell America without Erica– This season introduced us with little but sassy Erica Sinclair. Erica is Lucas’ younger sister and plays a key point in uncovering the dangerous plot set up by the evil Russians. Erica, Steve, Dustin and Robin go for a dangerous adventure which Erica calls child endangerment. When she is approached by the rest of three to help them save the nation she wittily replies “you can’t spell America without Erica”, though she agrees to it only after being given free a free ice cream pass for life. The girl is a total badass and a treat to watch.
  • Max and Eleven’s shopping trip: Eleven after having a spat with Mike is comforted by Max. Both the girls take a shopping trip while they talk trash about their respective boyfriends. Their girl time has the essence of teenage kicks and the girls depict a very healthy friendship which perfectly portrays the importance of supportive friends.
  • Alexei at the 4th of July carnival: Alexei has become the fan-favourite this season and this utterly adorable evil Russian scientist ends up helping Hopper and Joyce save the day. While Hopper and Joyce are looking for the kids at the carnival, Alexei ends up enjoying the hell out of the American independence day. The look at his face when he wins the big prize at the shooting counter is priceless. Alexei sets the perfect example of how to enjoy adversity.
  • Hopper’s letter to Eleven: The moment which made us all cry was when Eleven read the letter which Hopper wrote to her. The saddest part about it is that she gets hold of the letter after Hopper’s death. The starting of the season clearly showed that Hopper was struggling as a parent as he was unable to communicate his feelings to Eleven. Despite Joyce’s disapproval Hopper ends up threatening Mike which results in miscommunication between him and Eleven.

“But, please, if you don’t mind, for the sake of your poor old dad, keep the door open three inches”

NO AM NOT CRYING YOU ARE!! Do tell us your favourite moments from the season the comment section below.

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