The other day Twitter was trending with the hashtag Dhoni retires. This is the second time in 2 months that a trend around a rumour has been started. It caused a lot of turbulence amongst the fans as some of them were pretty sad about the idea of him leaving the game.

At the same times, certain fans realised that this is a high point that the ex-skipper should retire and give chances to younger players which are being done by the board right now as Rishabh Pant is being given a lot of opportunities.

It would be a difficult thing for us to say as the decision is purely his but the situation seems to be just right. There no question on his capabilities as a player but once again the fact that it is a high point for Mahendra Singh Dhoni to announce his retirement is also there.

The rumour has caused a lot of memes to erupt on social media platforms. A few picks are here for you:

And my personal favourite:

And the best meme of the day goes too:

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