They say opposites attract. And there could be no better example of this than the star couple – Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh themselves. While she’s all classy, lady-like, and put together, Ranveer is boisterous, crazy, and doesn’t mind going all, well, ‘Ranveer Singh’.

The two tied the knot last year in November and have given us nothing but couple goals through and through.

But what is it that makes them such a great couple? How are these two pole-apart people inspiring us to find love? According to a recent interview given to Vogue, Deepika spilled a few beans on this little secret! The Ramleela actress said that Ranveer is very genuine, honest and is not pretentious at all which made her attracted to him in the first place.

She said:

There is no pretence with him, no holding back…People hate him or love him for that, but that’s who he is. He’s genuine…very good at articulating his feelings. He’s not afraid to cry. That’s what got me.

Well, that is what got us too! He is adorbs all through.

The two have done three movies with each other before their marriage and they’ll be next seen together in 83. We can’t wait for their firework chemistry to unfold on the screen again.

Can you?

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