If you love seeing two starkly different worlds meet, then you’ve got a fantastic movie coming up. Nick-Priyanka’s wedding is not only picture-perfect, apparently, it can also be a foundation for a big-budget Hollywood movie. And of course, Chopra will star in the movie, duh!

After all, she’s become the face of India on red carpets of, you name it, Oscars, Vanity Fair, Golden Globes, VMAs (Oops she missed it). Talking about Priyanka’s influence, even the designer God Sabyasachi has all the nice words to say:

I think people look at India differently because of Priyanka Chopra. It was stereotypically a land of elephants and snake charmers. She brings a freshness to this and we all feel a strong sense of admiration for her.

So since now the stage is set, we can’t help but wonder, who else is Priyanka going to collab with? Well, it’s none other than Mindy Kaling! Remember The Office, The Mindy Project?

Talking about the film, Priyanka spilled a few beans. She said:

The story basically came from my wedding, where a bunch of Americans were exposed to this grandiose palace—the food, the family, the culture, the clothes and the comedy that comes with it.

The film genre will be wedding-comedy, no doubt. And both Kaling and Chopra will star and co-write the movie. The only thing left to ponder is who will be the Nick Jonas of the movie! Can’t wait for that now, can you?

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