The weekend could not have turned out better as the new Jumanji movie has been announced. And fans just can’t keep calm. The trailer of Jumanji: The Next Level is out and is currently topping Youtube’s ‘charts’. If you have not seen this awesome sauce yet, check it out here.

What Are We Expecting?

Twists. Loads of twists. It’s in the name, actually. The title is itself suggesting the things are going to be pushed to the ‘next level’. So, the game which plays with minds and lives of people is going to get extra interesting? We’re all ears.

The first glimpse of it can be seen from the trailer itself where characters are switched. If you have not noticed, Danny DeVito has been put into the avatar of Dwayne Johnson this time! I’m already feeling the goosebumps imagining him using the stare/smolder of Jumanji’s most gorgeous man. Out of the four main characters of Jumanji 3 – Jack Black, Karen Gillan, ‘The Rock’, and Kevin Hart – only Karen’s avatar is staying the same. Jack Black is not playing the pretty Bethany either.

The Usuals

The players get sucked into the game while Spencer is rectifying it and viola the deadly adventures begin. And like the last installment, we are again going to see Nick Jonas. *.*

With Great Prequels Comes the Great Responsibility

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle or Jumanji 2 earned a total of $ 1 billion (with a budget of just $100 million) around the worldwide box Office and is at #42 on the list of highest grossing movies ever. So, the hopes for Jumanji: The Next Level are clearly high!

But We Have To Wait…

As you must have seen from the trailer, the producers are in no hurry to unleash Jumanji 3 on us any time soon. The film is slated for around the Christmas release – 13 December 2019. Guess we have to wait with bated breath.

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