The much-awaited trailer of The Sky Is Pink is finally out. The movie will be premiered at Toronto festival first on 13 September and will hit theatres on 11 October. So, here’s the giant of a first look of the film:

Its Youtube description reads:

The Sky Is Pink is the incredible love story of a couple spanning 25 years, told through the lens of their teenage daughter. She is sassy, sardonic, spunky and also…dead! A fact she nonchalantly mentions at the very outset.  “Get over it. It’s quite cool actually. You’ll see when you get here (which you do know you will right?!)”

Unexpectedly humorous, warm and heart wrenching all at once as the magic of life and beauty of death manifest in one family’s unusual, courageous journey in this 100% true story.

In the film, Aisha (Zaira Wasim) is dealing with Busulfan Lung Damage. She lovingly calls her parents and Moose. For her, her parents’ love story is the best in the whole world. However, she describes herself to be the villain in their love story. Give or take, the plot revolves around how the two parents, who were picture-perfect before their daughter fell prey to the clutches of this deadly disease, deal with this together. This is like an ultimate test to their love! And isn’t villain supposed to do that in a cliché love story? Testing the lovers’ patience and see if they stay with each other through thick and thin? That’s why Aisha labels herself the villain.

Not all is known at this point, but we can say one thing for sure, it’s surely going to be a tearjerker. And what is art if it doesn’t touch you, right?

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