Disney is all set to release the live-action remake of the popular animation Mulan. Set in China, Mulan narrates the story of a young girl who in order to prevent her father from joining the army in old age, disguises herself as a man and goes at his place to fight.

Her struggles as a woman, her fights against the patriarchal society is Disney’s one of the best animations ever. With the recent popularity of live-action remakes of famous animations which include, Beauty and the Beast, Aladin, The lion King and The jungle book, Mulan is next in line.

The film stars Lui Yifei and Jet Lee. The teaser was just released and fans have been both happy and sad with it. Here are few things that you ought to know about it:

  • The live-action remake might not have Mushu– Yes, the hyperactive red dragon might not be a part of the remake and fans are not at all happy with it. The quirky dragon was the best part of the animation and the film definitely would not feel the same without him. The narrative might change without Mushu’s constant annoying interference. To be honest for me it’s NO MUSHSU NO MULAN. The rumors also say that Mushu might be a phoenix and not a dragon.
  • No Li Shang too – The remake might not include our beloved captain/general Li Shang who leads Mulan and her fellow soldiers in the army and further ends up being Mulan’s love interest. Well, this time the production house is following the exact Chinese legend rather than their own story so we might not see the captain in it.
  • Addition of a younger sister-The animated version had Mulan as an only child but the remake has another addition, which is Mulan’s younger sister. Let’s see how this character unfolds.
  • A new character instead of Li Shang- The writers have added up another character of an ambitious recruit, Chen Hongui, which will swap Li Shang’s character.

And if you still haven’t watched the teaser here’s the link to it:

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