The History of Valentine’s Day

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Valentines is the day of love and romance when you send affection to the person with whom you are romantically involved. But history isn’t the same.

Valentine was a saint. Although the studies are not clear about who he really was, it is believed that he belonged to the third century AD from Rome.

It is said that it all started back in the days of yore when Emperor Claudius 2 in 270 banned marriage because he thought men were not capable of fighting in wars. He thought that men are better soldiers when they are a bachelor.

When this was happening at that time, Valentine secretly arranged marriages for the couples. Continuing it for some time, he got apprehended by the Romans and was put to jail where he later fell in love with the daughter of the jailer. When Claudius got to know about this, Valentine was sentenced to death on 14th February.
Right before his death, he wrote a letter to his beloved and signed as, ‘From Your Valentine’. And the rest is history…

Since then, the day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. The first Valentine’s Day was celebrated in year 496.

It is also believed that Chaucer (He was an English poet and is known as the most important figure in English Literature) was the person who associated the date with romance.

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