The fact that K.L. Rahul was not able to make much of his mark in all the chances given to him has been a topic of discussion for a last few days and team India definitely needed some better opening strategy. Also, why Rohit Sharma was not given a position in playing eleven during India’s test matches against West Indies has also been a question among the fans.

Squad for test series against South Africa has been declared and Rahul has lost his place in the squad and we saw a new adition to it. That new addition is no one else but Shubhman Gill. The fact that Gill was ignored for the West Indies tour was also criticized a lot as he had proven his marks in some previous games.

Finally Gill has a chance to prove himself as a worthy player and this test series once again will be an opportunity for Rishabh Pant to prove himself. I have been constantly criticizing Pant’s lacklusture performance in past few games as he was wasted away most of the opportunities given to him which raised a lot of questions while people like Sanju Samson, Shubhman Gill and Shreyas Iyer had to wait a lot for a good opportunity.

Let us wait and watch what does the new additions and subtractions do to the team’s performance in the game.

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