It’s no news that Taylor Swift before the release of her every album invites a few handpicked group of fans to her house and plays her entire new album to them ahead of the whole wide world! It’s sure an honour for any Swiftie being chosen for her private session. And recently TayTay again chose a few people out of her million-wide fan base. And yes, of course, the selected fans are sworn to secrecy but there are still a few things they can spill beans about, and this is exactly what they did. From her home décor to some interesting tea about the songs themselves, the fans let in on us some juicy details about Lover we’ve been craving for long. Here’s a look inside the curtains…

  1. There is Happy Pop Music Coming Your Way

    If the fans are describing the album in any way, they are calling it a BOP, i.e. a dance to pop music. A fan was quoted as “There’s some really stripped down stuff and some hardcore bops. But all in all, amazing. If reputation wasn’t your cup of tea, I am sure you will love Lover.”

  2. Lover Has Her Best Song So Far

    Tay Swizzle

    Taylor has sung about a gazillion songs up till now. But do you ever wonder out of all of them which one is the closest to her heart, her most favourite? According to a fan, Tay Swizzle has put her all-time fave on the Lover album. So, you’re about to know on 23 August, that is when the Lover will be released. Will it be a track 5 from one of her albums or a song which we expect the least! Well, we gotta wait.

  3. Some Fans Got Teary

    Keep tissue papers close as the seventh album has some songs which are pretty heavy on feels. Too emo, it might even make you cry. As per a fan who was in the secret session, she almost wept “uncontrollably”, adding that, “A few of the other songs made me tear up a little… But that was ’cause they were very sweet and romantic!” Other fan described it as, “It was definitely a mixed bag, but [a] very real and raw album.” God! Why is 23 August too far?

  4. Something Was Cooking

    Taylor Swift Cookies

    It’s a well-known fact that Taylor personally bakes cookies for her fans for these ‘top secret’ meetings. So what was the menu this time? According to the fans, there were a number of desserts, including heart-shaped cookies and multi-colour rice Krispies. Yum!

  5. She Knows Her Fans, Literally

    Well we stan hard for our favourite celebs, leaving no stone unturned to explore deets about them. But have you ever seen any celeb who keeps tracks of their fans, like knowing them on a personal basis? Well, Taylor does this. According to a fan, “Taylor was so down-to-earth. She knew each one of us, and our stories, personally. It felt like I’ve met her before. It was such a nice surprise that all of us fans knew each other! It’s a big community but felt like a small one.” If only every celeb could be like this, if only.

  6. Let’s Take a Peek (Non-Creepy, I Promise) into Her House, Shall We?

    Well, fans who have been to her house have to say this:

    a. There are roughly 40 board games in her closet!
    b. Taylor is apparently a big fan of Le Labo’s Santo 26 candles. She has them all around her home.
    c. And the soap she uses in her bathroom? Well, it’s Jo Malone hand soap. Now, you know.
    Moreover, the lucky fans were given pins and Lover swag bags with “Lover Secret Sessions 2019” written on them. Pretty cool, right?

BTW all those people who weren’t invited, don’t feel bad. When Lover releases, we’ll dance harder than those who were present there, okay? We’ve not missed much except for the baked-goods, right?

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