Sexism is old. Too old it hurts. But the worst thing about it is that it doesn’t die despite being too old! In a world where women feel biased and harassed left and right, there is hardly any permanent relief in sight. But we do have a silver lining to this misogynistic cloud. We’ve 21st century women who are strong & unstoppable and aren’t afraid to speak on the uneasy matters of women bias. And when it’s a celebrity, their voices go an extra mile. I mean literally!

Recently Sonam Kapoor was promoting her latest film ‘The Zoya Factor’, during which she also got down to some real problems the women face. She said:

I think it is really important to do that (talk about women bias) because our society and India, in general, is very patriarchal, there is a lot of inequality, whether it’s the way women are treated, whether it is the pay gap and the expectations that are there are from women.

Talking about how women are often overlooked in job profiles, she said:

I know that there are so many companies, who would not want to hire women or put them in a higher position as they feel that ek din toh shaadi ho jayegi, phir pregnant ho jayegi, phir kaam band ho jayega. So, there are a lot of these kinds of stigmas attached to hiring a woman. Even in media or film industry or the corporate industry, all industries have this. I feel it is important to showcase women in a different light.

She makes all the sense in the world. Keep it up Sonam. Hoping other celebs and people will join your rhetoric as well.

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