Star kids share a certain kind of privilege. Born into luxury, money, and an almost-guaranteed Bollywood offer when they grow up, these rich kids enjoy benefits like no other. But some industry kids can have a tough life too. Take Sonakshi Sinha for example, who was bullied around because she was fat! In a recent interview given to Pinkvilla, she shared the ordeal she had to go through in school. She said:

I have been bullied quite a bit. I have had my fair share because I was a fat kid. I used to weight around 95 kilos and I was always a big kid. Even though I used to do a lot of sports, the boys used to bully me and call me names. They wouldn’t give me main roles in plays in school. They would always make me stand at the side or be the narrator.

The sad-story continued in the college as well. Talking about one incident, she said:

For instance, I remember something that happened in college. So we had to organise this annual fashion show and I wanted to be this model and walk on the ramp. So one of the thin girls told me, ‘You handle the lights’. I said, “Why? I want to walk the ramp.” She replied, “No, you are too big to walk the ramp.” I just felt really bad. There’s so much you want to do when you are growing up. So who is this girl who happen to tell you that you can’t do it just because she is 10 or 20 kilos less than me! I’m very happy with where I have reached.

And when she made her Bollywood debut in Dabangg, she lost 30 freaking kilos! But she still wasn’t slim enough.

She has revealed that:

I lost 30 kilos for my first film. When it released, the audiences lapped me up but the worst part is I was being fatshamed by the industry people and the media. That really hurt. I knew I wasn’t the average looking stick figure person. I didn’t have to. Honestly, I knew I had a lot more to offer than what I weight on the weighing scale. So I never took that to heart.

Great, you do you, Sona!

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