Former cricketer Gautam Gambhir is best known for his spectacular performance in 2011 world cup finale (Is he, cause we thought everyone just forgot about it) and currently as a member of parliament from BJP.

Former skipper M.S. Dhoni had made himself available for India’s tour of West Indies and hasn’t played for the Indian side since the semi finals match against New Zealand in the world cup 2019. Speculations about Dhoni’s retirement have been made but there hasn’t been any official statement and controversy has already been generated regarding to wicket-keeper/batsman’s position in the team. It was being said that Rishabh Pant is being moulded into a replacement for Dhoni. Now, Thala has a huge fan following and there are many people who do not want him to go but high point a concrete decision is made as team is already in crisis.

Gambhir recently spoke about M.S. Dhoni and this is what he said “I have always maintained this one thing. Retirement is an individual call, I think for me selectors should talk to him (MS Dhoni) and ask him about his future plan. Ultimately for me, playing for India, you should not be picking and choosing series,”

Dhoni had a bad world cup, period. His strike rate was very slow and the loss in final was too bad for the fans and the team to digest as such. Since then there has been many differences in opinions regarding his farewell.

Recently it was said that Dhoni should retire when people are still saying “why” rather than “when” and he should know when is the time to say goodbye. Now Gambhir made some fair points. It was Dhoni who had suggested dropping Dravid and Ganguly due to their slow running between the wickets and now when the time has come from him, he should leave when it is still good.

Gambhir also spoke about Risbah Pant, who has been struggling to score runs since world cup-2019. Pant is being given a lot of chances and many players seem to be defending his place.

“There is too much attention that is being given to a new player. He is just 21, he has played for last two and a half years. He has got two hundreds in Test cricket. We should not be comparing him with anyone, the team management should be backing him in the right way. He is still young and he has got a long future ahead,” Gambhir said.

Team management should talk to Pant. Not just Kohli, Ravi Shastri should also speak to him. Pant should be given freedom, if you curb him, he won’t play to his potential. You have to accept that Pant will not always get his shot selection right. On his day, he can win you a game,” he concluded.

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