Missing Shah Rukh Khan already? The actor hasn’t dazzled on the silver screen for a while. His last film was Zero which failed badly at the Box Office. And since then the actor hasn’t been seen being active in the limelight. The movie was released some 8 months ago and the fans at this point are now both missing him and speculating about his next movie.

The Dilwale star hasn’t been seeing much success these days as well. So is he taking a break? He was also slated to star in ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achha’ which was based on the life of Rakesh Sharma. But he refused the project later for some unknown reasons. So what’s going on? What‘s he up to?

SRK in a recent interview has cleared (some) air. He stated that he is not thinking about films for now and hasn’t signed up for any project yet. However, he is listening to some stories not only for acting in but also for his own production house. He also commented on the rumours regarding the various movies he is doing, saying these are more in number than the total films he has done so far. Woah! So seems like we’re not going to see SRK for a while and definitely not on this Diwali.  

Bummer, but we’re sure he would just surprise us again with a blockbuster soon. He’s SRK after all!

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