Do you know which song is the most favourite of Selena Gomez from the album Lover? It’s no surprise, it’s the one which has got everyone swaying these days. And it’s the title track itself – Lover. And Selena held nothing back when praising Swift for the genius work she has put into it.

On her Instagram, Gomez encircled the title track with a heart and wrote “You’re just unreal ..dude @taylorswift”. Taylor then showered all the love back with a sweet message of her own: I LOVE YOU SELENA

Selena is not the first one who is going all heart-shaped eyes over her new music masterpiece. Earlier Demi Lovato and Keith Urban too couldn’t help themselves from praising the album. Hell, Keith even did a cover of her title track, though not with much prep. Don’t look at me, that’s what he said!

BTW which song is your favourite from Lover? I bet it’s the title track!

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