It’s no big secret that star kids are often put in an invisible tacit race with their peers and…parents. If their mom did well in ‘70s in Bollywood, we expect the same from their daughter/son. These kids, of course, didn’t have to struggle at all to get their ticket to Bollywood but they still have these petty hoops to jump. And getting failed means getting failed in front of the whole world to see! But thankfully, Bollywood’s youngest brigade is doing better, even if it’s a lil’ much. To an interview given to Indian Express, she made it clear it’s not the money she’s running after, it’s the work itself, the acting she so wants to perfect and enjoy.

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Don’t be eye candy, be soul food 🧿🍭🔮

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And when asked if she feels family pressure, she said:

Never. If I carry that baggage, I wouldn’t be able to perform. Everybody knows I come from a film background. I can’t apologize for that or cannot change that. I can only be honest about my work and have fun, which I am doing.

Way to go, Sara!

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