There’s hardly any star kid around who gets as much clicked as Taimur Ali Khan. This adorably cute son of Kareena and Saif is both paps and people favourite. Whether he is holding his mommy’s hand at the airport or coming out of his playschool, photogs always surround him like bees around flowers.

So wouldn’t it be nice if the kiddo could star in a movie? That would surely be a bankable move given how much he’s loved by people. And there’s exactly the kind of rumour going on for some time that the Pataudi scion would soon debut in Good News alongside with her mother. But alas, daddy dear has shut down all such rumours.

If anything, Saif has expressed surprise that people think that he would let Tim Tim star in a film at this tender age. He said:

I am very surprised that after 30 years of knowing us, people imagine that we would put Taimur in a film, or even allow that to happen in a nightmare scenario, or in an extended reality in the Twilight zone, or an episode of Black Mirror. There’s just no chance on Earth. We are not like that.

The protective daddy further elaborated on his family values and all. He explained:

We don’t celebrate our weddings in a certain way, we don’t flaunt our children in a certain (way). I don’t know. People keep expecting and seem to think that the ultimate goal in life is to be in a movie, or to be on Bigg Boss, or something.

Well, that was some heavy downpour on our parade of seeing lil’ Taimur in a movie. Guess, we’ve to wait!

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