Inspector Sartaj Singh, our good old hero. How can someone not be in awe of him? The righteous man who does not fear the consequences and does the correct thing even if no one is watching. Even Sartaj’s character goes through a lot of changes during the latest season of Sacred Games and the writers surely have a lot of explanation to do.

Spoiler Alert!

We saw in season one, how Sartaj was ready to fight anything that came in his way. The way he goes on to save the daily soap actress from Bunty’s wrath and the way follow the case without the fear of his life or how Radhika Apte aka Anjali Mathur says tum mardo ko har baar hero banne ka shonk kyu hota hai. But the season two Sartaj seems a little different from what we saw earlier.

His actions do not make much sense to me. What I find incorrect is that, during the times of such big moral crisis why does it take so much time for our dear old hero to come back to his senses. Why is it that Sartaj does not realize it soon enough that he needs to save the day. He goes and saves the day when he is not required then why stop when he is actually needed. WHY GOD WHY?

I understand that the title is Sacred Games and the characters, of course, will play their mind games with each other but AT LEAST NOT IN AMIDST OF A NUCLEAR ATTACK, YOU CAN PLAY THEM LATER ON ONCE YOU SURVIVE THE ATTACK.

Sartaj joins the ashram to know more about Gaitonde’s relation to Guruji but ends up getting brainwashed by Batya. In the end, when he actually finds out what they are up to it gets too late. I understand that Sartaj could not have single-handedly saved the city but the fact that Batya played by Kalki Koechlin lets him go as if they are just planning to plant a sutli bomb outside the school principal’s office. Common guys! Yes, once again we can argue that the “GOCHI” drug was making him do all that, but he had not taken that drug for more than a couple of days. If Gaitonde after years of consuming that drug could come back to his senses then how does Sartaj forget who he is?

He actually believes in the logic which Batya gives him. Okay, fine there Batya got me too but just for a second. At least, in the end, Sartaj gets out of his Gochi induced paranoia and kills everyone from the ashram and gets out of the bunker to save the city just a few minutes before the bomb is about to blast. Thank God he did not just go on to join those lunatics.

Well, this is just my personal opinion and the comment section is all yours to discuss. Do not forget to tell us what do you think about this sudden change in Sartaj’s actions.

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