The season 2 of Sacred Games could not have been more surprising. Ganesh Gaitonde’s character undergoes a lot of things in this season and I would say that they were a little difficult to digest. So, let us get a few things straight, whenever a story is written any further one thing is made sure of. That one thing is continuity. And to be honest I was not able to see any continuity with Gaitonde’s storyline in this season.

Spoiler Alert!

In season one we did not see any hint of Gaitonde having any affinity for men but in this season we clearly see him pining for Guruji’s attention. Maybe it was not just about the orientation but just about his desire to be Guruji’s most trust-worthy student. Gaitonde goes on to carry a dangerous plan that consists of a nuclear-attack to an extent that it gets too late for him to back out. He joins the ashram and carries on to get deeper into the darkness of it without questioning much. As I said it was difficult for me to digest this because Gaitonde was never shown to be too dumb or foolish. He was always skeptical.

But all the rationality and sceptical thinking come to an end when it comes to Guruji and ashram. Now one who has watched all the episodes can say that “GOCHI”, the drug that Gaitonde was consuming could have lead him to make such decisions but of course, the forum is open to opinions.

He does realize that he is wrong but it gets too late. If he really wanted to stop the attack then why play all the silly games. If he really loved the city of Mumbai and its people then he could have just simply told Sartaj the truth and be done with it. Once again we can say that it was his paranoia which made him do all that.

Third thing that I find a little out of the way is how Kusum Devi held such control over Gaitonde. Surely she was a RAW officer and was Gaitonde’s key to a safe life but he was not even that vulnerable that he did her bidding. Gaitonde and Isa’s relationship has always been strained. It is very funny how Isa did not kill him the moment he had the opportunity and Gaitonde letting go of everything just to work with him and then sparing Shahid Khan’s life for his own ego sounds a little stupid to me.

In the end where Gaitonde realises that Guruji had it all planned and even Jojo was a part of an elaborate game for the past 20 years is once again something that does not make sense to me. But then again it is a fictional story, we are not supposed to take it so seriously! BUT CAN WE?

For me, this season did not make much sense when it comes to Gaitonde’s actions.

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