Batya, played by Kalki Keochlin was a completely new character to us in the starting of the season two. Batya was a new introduction in the latest season but went on to play a key roll in the story-line. Before we move forward with Batya’s journey, let us first appreciate Koechlin for her amazing screen presence.

Spoiler Alert!

Batya’s character has not been written by Vikram Chandra and would not be found in the novel. Batya’s issues arise with the Palestinian conflict when her mother left her for her own motherland when Batya was just fourteen. Clearly this pushed her to the path of drugs but later on, she was supposedly saved by Guruji and his ashram.

Batya is Guruji’s closest student when Ganesh Gaitonde enters the ashram in the early 2000’s she is said to be there since the nineties. Batya is a mystery since the moment she is introduced to the viewers and as Gaitonde mentions the only person who made him envy as she was the closest to Guruji. Batya knows her way through the ashram. Ashram’s illegal activities, the drug smuggling and later on the nuclear attack, everything is headed by Batya.

Batya probably hates this violent world or is blindly mesmerized by Guruji or of course, under the influence of Gochi. She is the first one to join in on Guruji’s plan of nuclear destruction. She also justifies Guruji’s ideology to Sartaj. She clearly is brainwashed. Post- Guruji’s decision to fake his death, it is Batya only who moves the Ashram from Croatia to Mumbai in India. It shows us that he is a highly organised person who knows how to manage things well.

I could not find much conflict with Batya’s story as she was a new introduction, I do not have any prior story-line to compare her story with. But two things I want to point out are, how could she let Sartaj go after he realized what was about to happen and her death seemed to be too over dramatic to me.

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