Starring: Shraddha Kapoor, Prabhas
Directed by: Sujeeth
Running Time: 2 hours 50 minutes


It’s actually the mother of clichés. There are bad guys, like really bad ones, and then there’s our righteous hero who must do all he can to beat them. Will he succeed? Of course, if hero won’t win, then who will? Clichés 101! But between the hero gets wronged and ultimately reaches his destination, knocking the villains dead and all, there are action sequences…too much of them actually.


This one was pegged as the biggest action film the country has ever seen. So did it justice to the title? Perhaps, but not in an entertaining way. The story feels stretched and the narrative feels slow at times. This almost 3 hours long film is going to make you feel exhausted by the end. That’s the kind of drudgery it is! Talking about performances, Prabhas does okay, but don’t expect at all to see some Baahubali charm. You’d be disappointed. About the lead actress Shraddha, she’s shown nothing more than a damsel in distress despite being given the role of a police officer in the movie. Shame! Bollywood still using actresses as dance dolls in 2019 is just ridiculous. And about the dance sequences, they are just placed in an off manner that feels like the songs are in the movie just for the sake of it. About the villains, no one deserves much mention except for Chunky Pandey who tried his best to lift off the plot. Other than that, the punch lines fall flat on their face and you’ll feel nothing but sorry for the filmmakers and for yourself for buying the damn ticket!

So Should You Watch This One?

I’m sure you’ve better things to do. You can safely give Saaho a miss. But if some part of you is really craving for action-packed entertainment, then there are plenty of action movies on video streaming services you can watch.

Rating: 2/5

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