This is not the first time I am writing about how Rishabh Pant has been wasting opportunities. The young lad is full of talent but has been playing carelessly in the past few games and now it is a high point for him to go on and make use of the chances he is getting.

A player like him who has such a great amount of experience in domestic cricket should make sure that he doesn’t play rashly. It is understood that he is going through immense pressure because of the fact that he is continously projected as someone who is M.S. Dhoni’s replacement and it certainly gets difficult when at the mere age of 21 you are constantly compared to legend.

But this is the moment when he gets through the pressure and makes use of the golden chances he is getting. Otherwise it would be soon that he will be dropped from the team. When Indian head coach Ravi Shastri was asked about Pant’s performance this is what he said.

“We’ll let him be but at times when you see a shot, as the first ball dismissal in Trinidad, if he repeats that, then he will be told. There will be a rap on the knuckles, talent or no talent,”

“As simple as that. Because you are letting the team down, forget letting yourselves down. In a situation where you have the captain at the other end, a target to chase, the need of the hour is sensible cricket,” Shastri added.

No one will even think of changing his style. Like Virat said, reading the situation, match-awareness and shot-selection become crucial. If he can fathom that, he could be unstoppable.

“It could take one game, it could take four games. He has played so much IPL cricket, he will learn. It’s time now for him to step up and show how devastating he can be,” Shastri said

Hope things go well for Pant and he gets scared of the ‘rap on the knuckles remark”.

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