It is happening! Ranbeer Kapoor has officially asked for the hand of Alia Bhatt from her dad Mahesh Bhatt. There has already been going so much speculation about the duo and this news has given us just more reason to stan for the couple. While some say it is due for 2020, others think it would be a surprise and elusive, like that of Virat and Anushka wedding.

The star couple has been dating for quite a while now and with each day, their bond seemed to grow stronger and stronger. They are frequently spotted together and have got involved with each others’ families too.

It looks like the two families are also happy with them being a couple. After all, who could deny such a cute pair!

And as per the reports of Mumbai Mirror, the Kapoor scion really got into his feels when he asked for Alia’s hand in marriage. Ranbeer, who is quite deadpan in public, was found to get sentimental in a big way. Of course, papa Bhatt said yes to the sweet boy and if anything, we can hear wedding bells anytime soon.

For us, this pairing is smooth and pleasant. We totally ship it. They’re kind of meant to be. Don’t you think?

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