Products We All Grew Up In India

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Do you remember some of the products that you probably used at some or the other time in your life? Let’s sneak into our childhood and to our mother’s kits to find the items that defined beauty products for us a kid. Listing out some products we grew up with:

1. Margo Soap

The soap was then launched in 1920 by the Calcutta Chemical Company and was known to be the top five selling brands in India by 1988. As of 2001, the brand belonged to Henkel which was again re-launched in 2003.

2. Lifebuoy Soap

Lifebuoy soap by Unilever is still a market leader since 117 years with a compelling vision to make 5 billion people across the world feel safe and secure by meeting their personal care hygiene. Lifebuoy is known as world’s no.1 selling germ protection soap with 50 lakh + stores across the country.

3. Vicco Turmeric

Vicco turmeric cream is a product by Vicco group of companies which was founded in the year 1952. Recently, according to Brand Trust Report 2014, Vicco was ranked 17th among India’s most trusted brands.

4. Boroline

Launched in 1929, Kolkata by Gourmohan Dutta, a Bengali merchant, Boroline is still a popular antiseptic cream. It a night repair cream to heal dry and rough skin overnight.

5. Mauve Makeup From Lakme

Remember the mauve glittery shades from Lakme collection?

6. Charmis Cold Cream

Charmis is a brand which is now owned by ITC now. The brand has enjoyed the trust of Indian households since generations. The brand image was such as when we used to think of cold cream it was Charmis!

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