What is the most cheesy thing you have done for your bae on their birthday? Well, if you’re running short of ideas, you can definitely look to Priyanka Chopra for some pointers. The lady surely knows how to celebrate birthdays and sprinkle in some romantic cheesy ingredients.

On his hubby’s birthday, she wrote an adorably beautiful message:

The light of my life. Every day with you is better than the last. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Thank you for being the most generous loving man I have ever met. Thank you for being mine. Happy birthday Jaan. I love you @nickjonas

And not only this, she made a cute video to go with it.

Showing everything from Nick walking through a horde of fans, his dapper on-stage look with guitar, and some beach-timing, PeeCee has shown the Jonas brother in a very fancy, heroic light indeed.

The lil’ video also shows intimate moments from the couple’s life. And not to mention Nick being all goofy. In short, it’s just P.ER.F.E.C.T. It’s like Priyanka has made a love tape for Jonas, capturing all their important cozy/random/special moments.

But don’t think Nick is any behind in giving the best birthday gifts. Nick threw a grand birthday party in a posh hotel on Priyanka’s birthday a few months back.

It’s no competition or anything, but we gotta ask. Who do you think gave a better present/party?

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