Camera flashes, public scrutiny, crazy paps, and fiendish pressure, anybody can collapse under such pressure that comes inherently with the celeb culture. Surviving individually is a biggie, let alone keeping up a marriage. No wonder lots of celebs split after short time or worse even, caught cheating!

In this jungle mess, PeeCee seems to be doing quite good, a lot god actually.

Nick and Priyanka

So what’s her secret ingredient to maintaining such a beautiful relationship with a world-famous singer? Priyanka talked! She said:

It’s tough, but I’m glad I’m married to someone who understands my ambition and drive.

Nick and I don’t go beyond two-three weeks without seeing each other. Wherever in the world we are, we keep in touch, and video call all the time! It’s important to make the effort to have the other person involved in your life. We do that. It won’t work out if I take on too much work’ — and that’s really unfair. It will work out if you want to make it work.

On talking about what specific quality in her that attracted Nick to her, she said:

It’s the thing he fell in love with me for, that’s what he says! For both of us, our professional lives are very, very important. We both come from a non-entitled background; our careers were not given to us. We both have worked damn hard to be where we are, and have had a two decade long career each. We know what it takes to do what we do, and support each other.

Who else is noting all this down under their Couple Goal journal?

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