Wage gap! If only we could make it a thing of past. The pay parity is a common scene in our movie industry Bollywood where actresses are always paid less than their male co-stars. There was a time when actresses’ role was to just look pretty and dance around when a peppy song comes up. The whole patriarchal movie then rides on the shoulders of their ‘hero’. But it is 2019, and actresses are getting meatier and meatier role than ever. Not to mention some recently made films are completely women-centric – Veere Di Wedding, Queen, Dear Zindagi, Neerja, and so many more.

And it is completely not fair now to think there should be any wage gap at all. But seems like Parineeti Chopra is okay with the biased pay, after all. Promoting her recent film Jabariya Jodi, which is going to be released tomorrow, she appeared on a show named Tapecast along with her co-star Sidharth Malhotra.

The actress admitted that she did make less than her co-stars but she could manage that because, apparently, she covered it up with all the ads she gets!

Chopra said, “I always felt like I deserved a little bit more but I only got this much. But then we make it up with endorsements. Girls do a lot of endorsements so we kind of make it up. So that is why I never talk about it (pay parity) because the boys don’t do as many endorsements as girls. I hope I’m right. We do so many beauty commercials and hair commercials like so many brands and I think we kind of cover it up.”

But what would you do, Parineeti, when you’d be simply passed over for so many shaving endorsements that are pretty common now? Or the men’s make up which is a thing now. Your co-star sitting next to you is making more than you in movies plus he also has lots of cosmetic brands to endorse. Will you be able to cover that up, Pari?

 Needless to say, her statement didn’t go down well with Netizens and she was at the receiving end of a severe backlash. This is how Twitterati thinks (or roasts):

So many atrocities in the world and celebs condoning them is the last thing we need. You can do better, Pari! So much better.

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