This VMA night was surely a memorable one for the Jonas Brothers. The terrific trio was at back at the VMAs after whole freaking 11 years! And that’s not all, the VMA brought further joy to the singers. JoBros also won the Best Pop Award for their song Sucker!

And after the announcement was made, the Brothers’ wives Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas went on to kiss their spouses. However, Priyanka was not present at the VMAs and so Nick had quite, well, an awkward (and sad) moment standing alone in the middle of the brothers while they got a bit busy on their own!

It can be clearly seen from the pic that Nick is not having quite the best time. And the whole Internet went on like “Awww”, “Poor Nick”, “Why did it happen to him, why God why?”. The sort of comments circulated for a while and embarrassed Nick had to go through all of that. Awww, poor Nick.

But Apparently, Priyanka can’t see her hubby dear like that at all. So she then photoshopped the image, putting her in the embrace of Nick. She posted it on Insta with a heartfelt message.

That’s just adorable and so gives us love goals. Well done Priyanka! That was surely something.

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