Here’s a quick fact. Celebrities and their airport looks don’t stay far apart from each other for long. If you even have a fledgling interest in celebs’ life then you gotta know airport looks are a thing among celebs. With their luggage in place, they gotta make sure they also have their hair and clothes in place too. They know they’ll get papped every time they leave the premises of the runway. It’s like a routine that happens like clockwork. So they do make efforts. Who wants to end up on the front page of newspapers with dishevelled looks anyway? And we can’t help but stan Deepika’s look at airports. Her style is classy and shall we say is getting a lil’ blingy (mostly after she married the fashion pariah of a husband) these days? Anyway, we gotta appreciate the grace which is still there. So check out these best of the best airport looks of Deeps!

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