As shocking as it can be, our favourite whimsical singer has been banned from the Indian movie and music industry. The harsh decision came about after Mika performed for a Pakistani family. And this was no ordinary event. Mika was invited to perform for Pakistan’s ex-PM Pervez Musharraf’s wealthy cousin’s daughter.

Pakistan, which completely bans any Indian media content like songs and films from broadcasting in their country, somehow issued a 30-day visa for Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi to Mika and his crew members. As per the reports, Mika charged Rs 1 crore for his wedding performance at the high-profile event.

In the delicate situation going on between the neighbouring countries, this decision, of course, didn’t sit down very well with the Indian media industry. The AICWA (All India Cine Workers Association) has called a blanket ban on Mika which will prevent him from ever working in the Indian entertainment industry.

AICWA Letter

The association released the statement on Tuesday stating about his ban from music companies, film production houses, and online music content providers. Suresh Gupta, the AICWA President, stated that if anyone who would work with him “will face legal consequences in the court of law.” He also said that when the two nations have so much tension going on between them, “Mika has put money above the nation”.

The harsh decision is not being appreciated by the singer’s fans at all. We hope he gets some relaxation. What do you think about this ban? Just or not?

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