Indian skipper Virat Kohli and Australian opening batsman Steve Smith have been close competeors since day one. There is always a fierce competition when it comes to their standing in the ICC rankings too. The world of cricket has always been comparing them and both the batsmen have proved their worth on field.

Virat Kohli

Steve Smith did fall from grace back in 2018 when he was involved in a ball tampering incident, popularly known as “Sandpaper-Gate”. Smith’s performance has been pretty great after serving a ban of one year, even though he faced a lot of discouragement and booing at the hands of fans and spectators. On the other hand Virat Kohli has set himself as an example for all the young atheletes out there. Kohli is not just an example for atheletes but for youth in general. During the word cup 2019, Kohli displayed his commendable spirit of sportsmanship when he stood up for Steve Smith who was being booed by the Indian spectators in the stadium.

steve smith

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, who is currently in Australia to play the Bushfire cricket bash, was asked to chose between the two players and this was his response:

“Let’s not get into comparisons and let us enjoy what both those individuals are doing. They are entertaining the entire cricketing world and it’s a joy for us to watch. I don’t like getting into comparisons. People have tried comparing me to a number of guys and I’ve said, ‘Just leave us alone’,”.

His response was apt as both the players have been through different set of challenges and their paths cannot be compared just by scores and stats. It is the conditions and the issues they face which decide the fate of the player and of course, the amount of hardwork they put into the game.

Both Smith and Kohli are amazing players and history will surely remember them as legends. The history might be a little cruel with Smith due to his involvement in the “Sandpaper-Gate”, which is inevitable owing to the fact that cricket is known as a game of gentelemen.

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