It seems like ‘Tis the season of shocks in Bollywood. First, there was Zaira Wasim’s exit, and now we hear that Mahie Gill has a CHILD! The actress has revealed that she has an almost 3 year old daughter named Veronica. But why we are hearing about this now? Mahie gave the classic response that she didn’t tell because she was never asked! The Dev D star has been in the industry for over a decade and still, one of the biggest moments of her life was missed by the paps’ lenses. Shame on journos, shame!

And here is more tea. Mahie Gill told the media that she is unmarried as she hasn’t got around the decision of tying the knot yet. However, she did disclose that she has a boyfriend whom she is happily in a relationship with. She said “Yes, I have not been married yet, when I want to marry, I will do it. What to do by getting married? What is the need for marriage? It all depends on their own thinking and time. Families and children can be made without marriage. There should be no problem with having children without marriage, I do not think there is a problem. I am also ready to be the mother of all unmarried children. I think everyone has their own life, everyone has their own principles, to live a life, we must reassure everybody’s thinking. Marriage is a beautiful thing, but doing or not is a personal choice.”

And we totally agree and can’t help fangirling over her free spirit and voice of a modern woman. Way to go, Mahie! BTW in all these surprising news, everyone forgot to ask who is the lucky guy she is with. And she probably wouldn’t tell unless you ask! Next time paps.

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