It is fascinating how an entire country can be obsessed with one man’s career but all this fascination makes sense when that man is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. His contribution to international cricket is written in all gold and his future prospects are being discussed by each and every person who cares about the game of cricket.

Recently Indian cricket team’s chief selector M.K.S Prasad made a statement about how the Indian selectors have moved on from Dhoni but India’s head coach Ravi Shastri has hinted about Dhoni’s inclusion in India’s squad for the T-20 world cup which is coming up next year.

Dhoni’s last appearance was in India’s semifinal match against New Zealand during the ICC cricket world cup 2019. After that, he declared that he would be serving his army regiment for some time. This did indicate that Dhoni would soon declare his retirement from the sport. A lot of rumours about his retirement also floated during the past few months but there was never a clear statement from the cricketer.

While launching a special edition of Paneria, the luxury watch brand he endorses the former captain finally spoke on the topic of retirement and this was what he said ” “January tak mat poocho (Do not ask till January).”

He has clearly indicated that there are no chances of him saying goodbye to the game any time soon and hence such questions should be avoided at least till the start of next year.

He also spoke about the most cherishable moments he had lived while playing for the country. “There are two incidents I would like to mention over here. After the 2007 (T20) World Cup, we came back to India and had an open bus trip and we were standing at the Marine Drive (in Mumbai). It was jam-packed all around and people had come out of their cars. So, I felt good after seeing the smile on everyone’s face. Because, there could have been so many people in the crowd, who might have missed their flights, perhaps they were going important work or at some office. The kind of reception we got, the entire Marine Drive was full from one end to other,” Dhoni said

“And the second instance I would say the 2011 World Cup final, in that match when 15-20 runs were required, the way all the spectators started chanting ‘Vande Mataram’. These two moments…I think it will be difficult to replicate them. Those are the two moments which are close to my heart.”

Well let us see what decision does the former skipper takes and how does it impact the future of the sport in India.

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