So India lost a match for the first time in the tournament and fans are reacting in the weirdest ways possible. M.S. Dhoni one of the most beloved cricketers is trending on social media getting both love and hate from the fans.

Abusing a player after loss is one thing but making up conspiracy theories about them and spreading them on social media is a new level of craziness. Before I say anything more let’s get a few pointers in our mind:

  • England’s loss could have been Pakistan’s hope for a place in semi-finals.
  • This was a do or die match for England.
  • India has not been affected by this loss by any major difference as the Indian team still stands at number 2 position on the points table.

Weird theories have come up as an aftermath of this loss against England. People have called skipper Virat Kohli a dummy captain as he always seeks Dhoni’s advice before taking a digital review. Many a time Dhoni has been called to have a special Dhoni reviewing system which is hardly wrong. Questions have been raised on Kohli’s captaincy and his dependency on ex-skipper Dhoni. Of course, one cannot ignore Dhoni’s expertise when it comes to the game but calling him the so-called karta dharta of the team who plays for selfish reasons is too much. The best thing about conspiracy theories is that they actually manage to convince you into believing them for some time and this specific one got me.

The second one is a hilarious one, I received this on whats app.

I hope you guys enjoy these theories as much as I did, but please let’s not doubt our Thala’s intentions.

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